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Root & Restore is incredibly dear to my heart, y’all! This all started as a conversation between two friends over bowls of Pho in January of 2017. Catrina is the founder of Camel & Birdie, a calligraphy and stationery business that she started after teaching herself calligraphy when she left her job to stay home after she had her first son.

After experiencing many successful collaborations, client work, and product launches, she began to notice some common themes within the creative industry. Conversations about burn out, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, comparison and overwhelm were happening everywhere she turned. We were deep into talking about our latest “not feeling enough” moment while enjoying dinner that evening as she began to tell me about this idea she had been dreaming of — a community for entrepreneurs to openly discuss the struggles of business ownership while growing together as they work through a program specifically designed to shift how we think about our worth and the expectations that we place on ourselves.

She turned to her background in psychology with an emphasis in community counseling, and over the next month, the content for the foundation of Root & Restore just poured out of her. We both knew that she was onto something incredible that would impact the lives of so many entrepreneurs! Once she fleshed out the guiding topics, I worked with her to define the heart of her brand, define her dream client, and name the business all before we dove into the visual side of things.

Once we had a name and a strategy in place, I began to build out her main logo and sub-marks — a combination of simple typography and organic leaves taking root and thriving that convey the idea of showing up for yourself and being vulnerable in a supportive, authentic community.

I carried this same feeling into the layout and design of her workbook. With the help of gorgeous branded photography from Becki Smith of Smith House Photo, her workbook and social media presence were born.