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Live Unearthed is a life coaching brand lead by Rose Hinojosa-Mandola with a mission to help people discover that they are worthy of self-care. She believes that each of us already posses everything we need to unearth who we really are so that we can transform our life from the inside-out.

Once we defined her ideal client, Evelyn, we developed her why — “Evelyn is buried underneath her own expectations of who she’s supposed to be, what she’s supposed to do and how she should live her own life. She’s constantly comparing herself as she scrolls through other people’s highlight reels on Instagram, wishing she could feel more confident, form lasting healthy habits, and find joy in the every day.”

By focusing on internal reflection first, Rose is able to help her clients like Evelyn to dig deep into self-discovery and unearth who she is and what she wants most from life in order to create a strong foundation for healthy habits to form.

The brand visuals were created using a hand-painted style of typography for “live” that feels free-spirited, paired with an italicized sans serif for “unearthed” that helps to balance out play with hard work. For the icon, layers of color represent the different stages of discovery that her clients will experience, guided by a compass rose in the shape of a diamond.

I expanded the brand into gritty and topographic patterns, online course workbooks and social media templates that unify her content and messaging in a powerful and vibrant way. Finally, I worked with Rose to create a custom illustration that visually represents the layers of self-discovery with the positive outcome crossing over to the brighter side of each layer.

As her clients continue to grow, they will find courage in having a clear vision for growth through Rose’s coaching services and resources.