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Online Course Design

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Product Launch Strategy

Founded by Becki Smith, Smith House Photo is an extension of her established wedding photography brand that is focused on creating bright, colorful and authentic imagery for small businesses, big brands, and events. Knowing that her clients were craving information and image examples that didn’t include brides, Becki set out to create a dedicated place for entrepreneurs to hire her for product and lifestyle photography on the regular.

I designed a minimal, hand-drawn logo family that complimented her existing wedding brand but could also grow into its own visual identity as this side of her business expanded. Her color palette is drawn from the soft pinks, lush greens and calming blues that are found consistently in her work. The brand is carried through into an online photography course template, stationery, and a digital media kit.

I’m always so humbled when my dear friends hire me to help brand their businesses. I’m lucky to call Becki one of my closest friends and my own wedding photographer!