Design Process

I begin every client relationship with a deep dive into the heart of your business. Together we'll uncover your core values, what makes your product or services unique, define who your dream clients are, and create a plan that will allow you to best serve your people. Your brand strategy will serve as a strong foundation for your brand's visual identity and will be a great document to reference as you're creating new offerings, writing captions for social media and growing your business.

01. Discover

02. Design

Once your brand strategy and visual inspiration have been defined, I'll begin sketching out ways to translate your strategy into a visual identity that will captivate your dream client. I'll present a single logo concept that best represents the heart of your brand, along with thoughtful variations of the same logo that will give your brand flexibility and depth.


After the initial logo concept has been presented, you'll have an opportunity to discuss any revisions to the logo, icon, and typography that might need to be considered. We'll also use this time to dive into color palettes and refine any additional brand elements like business cards or a brand pattern that will help bring your logo to life.


Once your brand visuals are finalized, I'll send you all of the logo file formats you'll ever need, plus a beautiful brand style guide that will outline your entire strategy, logo variations, color palette, typography, and visual direction. This document encompasses both the strategy and visual aspects of your branding, making it super easy to communicate the heart of your business with a copywriter, web designer, or anyone who may need some insight into your brand.

05. GROW

Creating solid branding is the best place to start, but what happens after the initial launch? I love building long-lasting relationships with my clients to develop print and digital marketing pieces to help close the deal, sell tickets to that event, share your work on social media, and so much more.

The overall design process is the same, but we'll focus on a concise strategy to understand each project's specific goals and content needs before diving into design and printing.